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Vision & Mission


Most of the non-renewable sources are finite, too expensive and damage the environment. Whereas the renewable energy sources are infinite, cheap and replenish without damaging the environment. These resources can be utilised for the conversion/generation of electricity/energy.

Zunik Energies stresses the need of renewable energy for the mankind especially around this century for the welfare of our future generations. Zunik Energies foresees that the renewable energy is the solution to the future generations where the non-renewable energy sources become too expensive due to their decrement in the quantity.

We are striving hard to develop a better society for the future generations which consists of abundant renewable energy with eco-friendly environment.

We support research, particularly in this sector, for the global betterment and also to encourage the students/enthusiasts of this field.


Zunik Energies is primarily into the development and commercialisation of inverter topologies such as On-grid & Off-grid inverters, UPS, Variable Frequency Drives, Solar Water Pumps, etc..,

The research is carried out with the aim to create/develop a new technology that supplies power to the entire globe at cheaper costs and more environmental friendly.

We are committed to develop & implement technologies that will accomplish a clean reliable energy supply and implement the cutting edge technologies based on international best practices to address the global challenges of moving towards clean, reliable, secure and competitive energy supply.

About Zunik Energies:

Zunik Energies is a private limited company established on 16th November 2017. The board is driven by Alumni of IITR, prestigious foreign universities. Within the first two years of its incorporation, it received awards such as IITR HF Judges Choice Award, Most Promising Innovation Award in IKMC-2018. It is highly honoured by the reputed institutes of the nation (IIT Roorkee, NIT Warangal, NIT Nagpur and various prestigious institutes). It is also chosen to delegate various conferences by both the central and (AP) state governments. Not only these, Zunik Energies is also honoured by the foreign/international programmes as well. The most popular programmes include SLUSH 2018 held in Helsinki, Finland and IEEE International Conferences.